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Citizen-friendly E-Service Delivery at Local Level: 131 Union Parishad (UP) Perspective

Author Name : Jannatul Ferdous

Publication Year : 2019-2020

Sub-Theme :

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ICT is currently contemplated as an influential issue of financial development in most of the developed and developing states. Bangladesh is a developing state with a large number of populations is still facing socio-economic backwardness particularly those who are existing in the rural extents. The Government of Bangladesh accepted a project to change Bangladesh into a digital state by 2021. The key determination of this project is to deliver government facilities at the entrances of the rural community. Through use of ICT, Union Development Centres (UDCs) are capable to provide various types of services to the entrances of citizens. The UDCs are government owned, but run by private. It is one-stop service delivery centers that are accommodating information and public facilities to rural societies. These UDC were started by the Government’s Local Government Division of Access to Information (A2I) program. The program is directly activated and coordinated by the Prime Minister’s office. This paper is based on mixed methods. A questionnaire survey and interview has been steered within the service providers and recipients. The UDCs have facilitated rural community to attain the essential information and services in quick, cost effective and easy techniques. Basically, these are playing
significant roles in connecting the digital device and providing the assistances of ICTs to rural people but challenges also available on the way of service delivery. This research makes a modest effort to inspect the services provided by UDCs. Now it has attempt to expose the challenging factors having effect on service delivery of UDCs and offer some the possible solutions for confirming citizen-friendly service delivery at local level.

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Author Name :   Jannatul Ferdous
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Phone No :   01743902996
Country :  Bangladesh