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Clearance of Water Sector Projects under Clearing House Role of WARPO

Author Name : M. Aminul Haque

Publication Year : 2019-2020

Sub-Theme :

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The National Water Management Plan (NWMP) was formulated in direction of National Water Policy (1999). As per National Water Policy, Bangladesh Water Act-2013 and NWMP any project related to water resources development and management needs the clearance from WARPO. This is supposed to help in tracking any activity in water sector and monitoring of the NWMP. WARPO has been designated to issue clearance certificate of the projects undertaken by Bangladesh Water development Board (BWDB) since 2007 under its “Clearing House” role. This paper aims at evaluating the water projects under Bangladesh Water Development Board (BWDB) based on information provided about projects and cleared by WARPO. There are four categories of project proposals normally received by WARPO from BWDB. They are Flood Control & Drainage (FCD), Flood Control Drainage and Irrigation (FCDI), Irrigation (I), River Bank Erosion Control including dredging, etc. A pre-investment appraisal or feasibility
report should be accompanied with DPP to have answer of many of the questions as follows: (a) Policy conformity, (b) NWMP conformity, (c) Participatory Water Management Inclusion, (d) IWRM conformity (e) Duplication or Conflict, (f) EIA compliance, (g) SIA compliance, (h) GPA compliance, and (i) Appropriate tool and procedure. More than 95% projects do not have feasibility studies for preparation of project proposals. The DPPs are made based on technical reports which appear to be incomplete ‘technical’ reports as they do not have necessary technical data and analysis. However, the economic and financial analyses are calculated based on probable damage computation without following WARPO guidelines. During the period of
2008-2018, WARPO has cleared 297 projects undertaken by BWDB of which 88% are river bank erosion control related projects. In most of the cases, the bank erosion control projects are fragmented and need based. These projects are aimed as an immediate action to tackle erosion. It is also found that at some locations, projects are repeated. Therefore, needs for an erosion control master plan for better management and sustainable solution. On the other hand, BWDB is to follow existing manual tilted as "Guidelines and design manuals for standardize bank protection structure of WARPO (FAP 21)" for bank protection in the assessment of bank protection projects.

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Author Name :   M. Aminul Haque
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