Development Review

Vol 31, Issue 1, 2022

Financial Inclusion and Agent Banking in Bangladesh: A Pilot Study on the Determinants of Agent Banking Adoption

Author(s) : Dr. Mohammad Masukujjaman

Abstract : 

The purpose of this study was to determine the factors influencing agent banking adoption in Bangladesh. This study employed the innovation diffusion theory and expanded the model to incorporate perceived risk, perceived trust, and knowledge. This research followed a quantitative and cross-sectional approach, employing purposive sampling to choose five of nineteen banks in Bangladesh's Dhaka division and administering structured questionnaires. As a consequence, the pilot study obtained 100 legitimate replies, which were analyzed using the SPSS version 25 program. The study discovered five factors; awareness, relative advantages, perceived risk, perceived ease of use, and perceived trust grouped from a pool of items analyzed.

Keywords : Adoption, Agent Banking, Awareness, Financial Inclusion, Perceived Risk

Page 67-86