Development Review

Vol 31, Issue 1, 2022

Rawhide Based Entrepreneurs: An Assessment among the Rishi Dalit of Tala Upazila of Bangladesh

Author(s) : Dr. Sk Mashudur Rahman

Abstract : 

This paper examines the scenario of work and livelihood patterns of rawhide-based entrepreneurs in the rishi Dalit community of Tala Upazila (sub-district) under the Satkhira district of Bangladesh. Its main concern is to focus on different dimensions of rawhide-based entrepreneurs in managing their services such as average working hours, income, the average cost per activity, value, availability of raw materials, preservation days by experience, place of sale, and material for preservation, etc. The study mainly relies on primary data collection through in-depth interviews and focus group discussions (FGDs) among the 25 rawhide-based entrepreneurs in the rishi Dalit community in a Upazila. It also highlights that lack of high technology, appropriate training, and financial support, they cannot complete the whole process of leather. To improve the raw leather-based service appropriate measurement should be taken immediately to protect and preserve this old service.

Keywords : Rawhide, entrepreneurs of rawhide, rishi Dalit, livelihood, working environment

Page 87-106