Development Review

Vol 31, Issue 1, 2022

Incorporating Leadership to Enhance Digitalized Rural Development in Bangladesh: An Empirical Study

Author(s) : M. M. Ashaduzzaman Nour

Abstract : 

Comprehensive rural development in Bangladesh is a new approach that includes raising the productivity and real income including employment opportunities in farm and non-farm sectors, safety nets, institutional links to ensure smooth policy function, appropriate management technologies and organizational innovations to ensure access of the beneficiaries to inputs and resources in the era of public management. This study has attempted to explore prerequisite qualities of strong leadership in order to incorporate the level of citizen-centric smart governance system from the perspective of civil servants, community workers and local leaders focusing on the implementation of the comprehensive rural development attempts in Bangladesh. It is an exploratory and descriptive study conducting both in qualitative and quantitative manner. It has also endeavored to identify potential strong qualities of strong leaders for implementing smart governance in comprehensive rural development programs from the perception of selected Bangladesh Civil Service Cadre officers, community workers and local leaders. Rural development is always an important policy package of the Government of Bangladesh where public and social organizations are likely to step into the role of an effective promoter of network and smart governance in rural development for the fulfillment of basic needs of the rural beneficiaries. This is in line with the goals of basic need approach, however, at times problems of the disadvantaged groups have been addressed through ICT. Digital Bangladesh as a part of smart governance in this country involves reconsidering the whole rural development system crosswise in all levels of government from a voter perspective. It is projected that a pro-citizen leadership approach will empower the government to achieve crucial efficiency and expand service delivery levels in the rural area of Bangladesh.

Keywords : Leadership, Rural Development, Smart Governance

Page 107-128