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Anatomy of a failure: Community Adaptation of the Water Purification Method in Coastal Bangladesh

Author Name : Syed Ashik–E–Elahi

Publication Year : 2019-2020

Area : Saline water, PSF, Custom, Tradition, Socio-economic condition, Sustainability, Feasibility

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Saline water intrusion is not always an usual occurrence and increasing threat for providing safe drinking water in the coastal areas of many developing countries including Bangladesh. Though several attempts like – Pond Sand Filter, Sono Filter, Pond Water Harvesting, Rain Water Harvesting, and other water purification methods were taken to meet the need of adequate safe drinking water for the coastal inhabitants, but so many real-life barriers made all efforts a failure attempt to meet the crisis. In this paper, we have tried to show why a promising, easy to access and comparatively less expensive water purification method, namely Pond Sand Filter (PSF) method failed to run in the local communities. The findings of this paper will help a researcher or policy formulator to get ideas regarding the existing hurdles of establishing such methods in the coastal areas of Bangladesh. There are so many available techniques to meet the need of this crisis, but most of those were failed to be functional at the end. The reason mostly is, those initiators have failed to understand the traditions and customs of the local inhabitants. The findings of this paper will let different thinkers and agencies understand some real-life socio-cultural barriers for which such promising initiatives went in vain most of the times. The research followed the triangulation of quantitative and qualitative method. The quantitative data were collected through sample survey, while the qualitative method followed the FGD and KII. We did conduct face-to-face interview with the representatives of different sectors irrespective to their role in this approach. Moreover, we have covered five specific key informant interviews to understand the problem more intensely. In addition, we have conducted two focus group discussions.

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Author Name :   Syed Ashik–E–Elahi
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Country :  Bangladesh