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Work Attitudes among Motor Drivers in Dhaka City

Author Name : Dr. Fatema-Tu-Zohra Binte Zaman

Publication Year : 2019-2020

Area : motor driver, work commitment, work involvement and work satisfaction

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The study focuses on the relationship between work attitudes (i.e. work commitment, work involvement) and work satisfaction of the motor drivers in Dhaka city. The specific objectives were: to investigate the connection between work commitment, work involvement and work satisfaction of the motor drivers and to find out significant predictors as well as best predictor in case of the relationship among the variables. To collect primary data fifty motor drivers were selected purposively from different transport organization situated in Dhaka city. To measure work attitudes a package of three questionnaires were applied on the respondents respectively. Obtained data were analyzed by applying Pearson product moment correlation and stepwise multiple regression using SPSS version 25. Results revealed a significant positive relationship among all work attitude factors (i.e. work commitment, work involvement with work satisfaction) of the drivers. Further, multiple regression analyses indicated that only work commitment was the significant and important predictor, which alone explained 24.7% of variance in work satisfaction of drivers.

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Author Name :   Dr. Fatema-Tu-Zohra Binte Zaman
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Country :  Bangladesh